T-RED's Tribute Page


Former Commander T-RED began playing Air Warrior in 1996. 
Below is his story and the responses from the squad members. 
His leadership will be missed.
<S> T-RED!      
P.S. -- T-RED is not dead, just retired from DFA.  So don't worry, he is ok!!!

A Letter From T-RED to the Squad =  August 21, 2001

I am not sure where to begin but I am not one to beat around the bush. Effective immediately, I am resigning my commission. It is not anyone's fault, you are a great bunch of guys and I have really enjoyed flying with every one of you. Although my personal life is improving, it's just not fun as it use to be. I just do not have the time to be a good commander. Relik will (is) make a great CO and I really hope the squad will continue to be strong and grow.

I started playing Air Warrior on AOL in the spring of 96 when it was beta and free. I joined Thx-1's squad, the 45th Whistling Death, we had 3 people but later grew to about 15. We had no ranks just fun. The squad disbanded after AOL closed Air Warrior and it became Air WarriorII-beta -- then the game became literally unplayable.

I signed up with Gamestorm about 5 months later in the spring of 98. I stayed squadless for a few months then joined a squad called the ROA (Riders of the Apocalypse) and yes I started out as a 2nd Lt. Yeager was CO and Vixen was XO.  There were no squad nights, every night was squad night, supposedly, and I soon figured out that Vixen was actually running the squad.  I later decided that I was going leave the squad when Vixen rounded up everyone in the Officer's club and said he was going to start his own squad and wanted to know who would join. Every single person decided to leave the ROA and join the new squad.  We had to decide on a name and it came down to a choice between DOA (Death on Arrival) or DFA (Death from Above). 

About 8 months later, we had grown enough to actually have a Fighter and a Bomber wing. Vixen was the CO of the fighter wing (and overall CO) and Badd was CO of the bomber wing but a few weeks later Badd said he was back in school and wasn't able to fly much so he ask me to take over.  A month later -- for some strange reason -- and to this day I am not sure why -- Vixen defected and actually shot down a couple of our own squad members!  A week later he emailed everyone saying he was on a secret spy mission! He wanted to return but the squad voted not to allow him back.  Since the Fighter wing fell apart, everyone rejoined one squad. This happened in February 1999 I believe. My first act was to create a squad night and actually fly missions.  That is the story of how I became CO.  I actually had no ambition to be a CO. Once I became CO I always tried to keep two things in mind. I always try to be fair and honest with everyone and keep the squad's interest as the top priority.  I am afraid at this time I must put my personal interests ahead of the squad.  I have had some fantastic times and those will be missed. Keep in touch. Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.


Commanding Officer
Death from Above Squadron
Feb 1999-Aug 2001

Responses from the squad

you where undoubtedly the best CO anyone could've wanted.  Although
I'm not a current member anymore, I will feel your absence, in the
correspondences.  Your letter brought back a lot of memories.  I too started
on AOL, then moved to Gamestorm.  Even when Vix. and the absentee Yeager were
in charge, you were one to look to for guidance.  A natural leader.  I have
been playing WWIIol lately and the thing that is missing the most is the
camaraderie.  I hear that Gamestorm has renovated AW, and I'm considering
rejoining either there or EA again.  Although as it is, I already have too
many hobbies, LOL.  I wish you the best of luck and hope you will write from
time to time.  You won't be forgotten, and I propose a special remembrance
page on the website to keep the memories alive for the new recruits and old
timers alike.  
<<<<<<<<<S>>>>>>>>> T-RED, and all the =>DFA<=
Lt.Col. Jack
=>DFA<= ret.

I am very sad to see you go.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I will
miss your calm and steady guidance.  I will never be as good at handling
people as you are.  I own some awfully small feet to fill some mighty big
shoes.  I know this was a difficult decision for you but I have talked you
out of this more than once.  I will respect your decision this time and no
longer put my desires ahead of your needs.
You will always have a home in DFA.  Come back and visit someday.
With deepest respect,

<<<S>>> T RED
  I have only been flying with DFA for  8 months give or take.But I know
that you will leave a void that will be hard to fill.I hope that you will be
able to fly with us from time to time.GOOD LUCK! in all you attempt!!You
will be missed     : (
                                            <>S<>  Dlitz
P.S The next beer I drink will be dedicated to you !!!!!

You are the "Force." And the "Force" will be with us...ALWAYS!
Good Luck,

I remember when I first flew with DFA on my first Squad night and I remember you telling me to stick with these guys and stick with it and have fun, well I have taken your advice and stuck with it and we all have megga fun whenever we get together regardless of it being SN or not. You are #1 and always will be T-RED so i`d like to wish you all the happiness the world can throw at you, you will be sadly missed take care bro.
Love & Respect
Eddie (aka KUsh) >>>>>S<<<<<<

I am sorry to say that I don't think I have had the pleasure of
flying with  you as I have only recently joined DFA.   However, based on the
e-mails that I have been receiving I will have to say that I am sorry I did
not get the opportunity.  It would seem that you have helped to bring along
quite a few rookie pilots into  well rounded and well developed flyers.  As
I continue with the squad, it is my desire that some of these cyber pilots
can follow your lead and in like spirit help me to stay with the game and
promote an ass stomping DFA.
Again, based on the e-mails, I am sorry to see you go.  I do regret not
having been able to fly with you.  God speed and good luck in whatever you do.
Jeff Wenhart  (L.E.O.-1)


Always enjoy reading the news and comments from DFA, but, this IS sad news.

I had been flying with T-RED since the first AW from years ago,joined up with ROA under the name Hombre, went over to DFA, and recently retired ( due to game going to hell), under the name guile. Am presently in wwii online in 31st axis, stuka cas 3.

Once when on a bombing run in a P-38 headed to A-land, I noticed a B-26 being attacked below me, I released my bombs and dove on the fighters, got one of them the other turned on me leaving the 26 to fly home. I was shot down but not before keeping him busy long enough so he wasn't able to catch up with the 26.

The next day I was informed by Relik that I received a battlefield promotion for my actions the day before, it was T-RED in the 26. I can't remember  all the times he saved my butt, there were many over the years. T-RED was an excellent leader and a dam good pilot, I hope to see him again over enemy sky's one day.

May the fleas and lice of a thousand camels nest in the beards of his enemy's.   Relik is a natural leader and will do well as "Top dog", the best choice I know of.
<S> Maj. Gen. Ret. guile

T-RED has been a great leader with a knack for knowing what the enemy is
doing before they do it.  His leadership skills are only matched by his
people skills.  I have always admired his techniques and his ability to make
every member feel equally important.  He has been the leader of one of the
most respected and established squads in all of AirWarrior.  i have YET to
see a pilot get as much E out of a 17 as I have seen him do on many
occasions.   i have flown COUNTLESS missions with and for him and would be
honored to do so on any occasion.   i am reminded of a famous quote "if not
for the courage of the fearless crew, the Minnow would be lost."  even though
DFA is losing its best leader ever, the core of this squad is VERY talented
and team driven.   and for what it's worth,  RELIK there is no question who
should take leadership of this squad (but since I am currently under
contract) this squad would and SHOULD flourish under your superb leadership.  
GOOD LUCK IN ALL THAT YOU DO T-RED!  I have been honored by your presence and
am a better pilot because of you.  

Hmm, where to start. I guess I'll "wing it".
I guess all I can say is that we made room for you at the retirement pub.
It seems not too long ago when I retired and came to this pub and pinned my wings to the wall beneath a newly created picture of me in the tradition of the flyers of old (see website). But alas, the empty picture frame for the C.O. is now to be filled. So, we few, we proud few, band of brothers (&sisters) and all that, will await your arrival and have your stein filled to the brim. An order of lamb chops is on the way and should be ready upon your entrance (sorry Rellik, another missed opportunity ~lol). Cheers !
PS - for those who can remember my skill with the K4 (if I do say so myself) all I can say is that it was T-RED who 1st suggested I fly the 109 (we were upping at a capped base) which started my desire to learn the darn thing. If it weren't for that I would've probably ended up staying with the spit, costing us several missions (well ok, toot toot). Well, lets just say that I would not have been as successfull in my duties. After 3 Years with the squad I can say with some authority that I enjoyed every squad night with him in it.
Keep in touch.

T-RED was truly a fun person to fly with!!
<<S>> T-RED, I'll miss ya bud!! And
<<S>> all DFA's!!
<S> gun'n

<S> Commander
To me, you will always be Commander.
I know DFA will miss you.  You have been in charge of this squad since the
day I started and I will always remember how you encouraged me even though I
was a terrible pilot!   You made the game FUN to play and always maintained
control even though there were 15 guys all asking questions at the same
time.  You are a natural leader and it was a joy to serve under your
I will always remember the times you put together a mission every
week, maintained the web site, answered emails, kept track of scores, signed
new recruits, and still made me feel like I was special and important to
this squad.  I almost gave up on this game several times, but you and RELLIK
always patted me on the back and told me how important my part in the squad
was.  I will miss you terribly and hope you will still fly when you can and
be a part of our squad. 
You are always in my prayers.  Take care.
A big <<<<<S>>>>>> (eyes getting watery)
Yours always,

>S< T-red :)
Welp, I have been in so many missions with T-red its hard to remember what story is the best...Lots of you probably don't know me, or in that case ever  seen me in AW,  I resigned a long while ago...but anyways, I will tell  T-red's favorite story <Evil Grin> It was during the time when DFA voted to have a squad dueling tourney -- btw this is a short story <G> anyways -- me and  T-Red were lined up to fight each other... I think he was my 3rd duel  (after I waxxed doc's spit <muuwhahaha>) but we were both in spittys and I  swear this duel musta lasted 30 minutes ...round and round we went but in the  end I shot down poor t-red's spit ...:)  Now the point of this  story is HE'S A BOMBER PILOT....and the fact that he was usually bombing but also was a GREAT fighter pilot too. I learned many things from T-red and it's sad to hear he won't be helping the new pilots as he did for me....Out of my  2 years of playing AW-- from playing aol's version to playing gamestorms -- T-Red was by far the best CO that I have ever played for. 
On another note....Rellik will serve as a GREAT CO for DFA, he will always  bring you up when you think you will never improve, he's taught me many things from the time when I 1st started. :) Even though I no longer am with DFA or  Airwarrior, DFA has suffered a great loss in the retirement of T-RED.
>S< DFA!
Air69 :)