The Hall of Fame
Medals of Retired DFA

Squad Commanding Officer General T-RED -- Retired August 21, 2001



X3,   X2,



XO-FW AXE3 Retired 6-26-01






 Lt. Gen.  MPH  Retired 10-18-01


Six months in the squad        Three consecutive months on kill boards     Distinguished service       Outstanding leadership    

Killing a member of the MOST WANTED

                   European theater                    Third highest  fighter/bomber points        Second highest fighter/bomber points         Outstanding resupply              

        Top gun                                  Field defense / cap base                            Making the kill boards                    Outstanding wingman
X2,  X2, X3,    

      Outstanding bomber                     Doomed from the start of deployment              Highest fighter points                     

Lt. Gen.  THX-1 Retired 10-4-01

Six months in the squad      Three consecutive months on kill boards     Distinguished service      

European theater                      Third highest  fighter/bomber points         Highest fighter/bomber points         Making the kill boards   
             X2,   X2,
             Field defense / cap base          Outstanding wingman             Doomed from the start of deployment         Outstanding paratrooper               

Blood stripe (over 100 kills)             Second highest  fighter/bomber points          Pork Warrior                                    Outstanding valor               
             Top gun                          

 Lt. Gen.  Guile Retired 8-25-01




Lt. Gen. Gunna

                       Six months in the squad                      Three Consecutive months on the kill boards   

European theatre                         Field defense / cap                          Making the kill boards                   Outstanding Resupply       

        Outstanding wingman                           Bloodstripe -- over 100 kills                   Outstanding buff gunner       

Major General Hobs Retired 5-25-01




 Major General Borya Retired 7-01


X2,   X2,



Brig. General HAP Retired 5-20-01



Brig. General Jack* Retired 6-6-01





Brig. Gen. VOLCA Retired 6-20-01



Brig. Gen. SkyLd Retired 6-09-01


Brig. Gen. Air69 Retired September 1999




Colonel Reekster  Retired Jan. 9, 2002


                                          Six months in the squad                                         


Killing a member of the MOST WANTED

                 European arena                            Making the kill boards (top 200) 

Lt. Col. Tina Retired 6-16-01



Lt. Col. Bam* Retired 7-4-01



 Maj =SS = Retired 6-24-01


Maj Gun'n Retired 6-22-01


1st Lt. KON 6-11-01

1st Lt. PTO Retired 7-10-01



2nd Lt. ADG Retired 6-14-01


2nd Lt. Japmn Retired 12-15-01


                    European arena                                   Outstanding buff gunner