Medals and Ribbons

1. DFA members can nominate each other for heroic and brave deeds.

2. To nominate someone, just notify RELIK

3. Ribbons and Medals will be awarded and posted at the end of the campaign.

4. High scores and kill board points will be posted once per campaign a few days after reset.

5. Medal of Honor, Leadership or Distinguish Medals will be awarded T-RED or Relik.

6. Ribbons for high pts will only be awarded once.

Death From Above Ranks

C/O Gen.

Lt. Gen.

Maj Gen

Brig. Gen


Lt. Col.



1st Lt.

2nd Lt.

Death From Above Medals

Three consecutive months on kill boards

6 months in squad

Medal of honor

Purple heart

Outstanding leadership

2 million or more total points in a campaign

Million total points in a campaign

Distinguish Service Medal

Distinguish Flying Cross

Killing member of MOST WANTED list

Most Wanted

Death From Above Ribbons

Highest bomber points

Highest fighter points

Second highest points fighter or bomber

Third highest points fighter or bomber

European theater

Making the kill boards
(top 200 in arena)

Field defence/cap bases

Outstanding bomber

Outstanding buff gunner

Outstanding wingman

Outstanding re supply

Outstanding paratrooper

Drinking most beer and still able to land

Outstanding battle buff

Bombing Accuracy 30,000(12,000points minimum)

Outstanding Valor

Outstanding bombing

Blood stripe- over 100 kills

Good conduct

Pork warrior


Doomed From the Start Deployment