Medals & Ribbons Awarded

(Last Update 10-11-01)

DFA Commanding Officer, General RELIC

     Six months in the squad            Three consecutive months on kill boards            Outstanding leadership
X8,                    X2,                 X3,    
Distinguished service medal

European theater                  Third highest fighter/bomber points         Highest fighter points        Making the kill boards (top 200)   
   X3,     X10,

         Outstanding wingman                            Field defense cap                              Outstanding buff gunner                 Outstanding paratrooper                    

  X3,X2, X2, 

         Bloodstripe -- Over 100 kills      Second highest fighter//bomber points           Pork warrior                                          Outstanding valor                   
   X3, X2, 

Top gun           

X.O. Bomber Wing, Lt. Gen. Kush

 One Million or more points in a campaign           2 Million or more points in a campaign       Outstanding leadership        Six months in squad                 

      European theater                           Outstanding bomber                       Highest bomber points                 
  X2,  X5,

           Outstanding bombing              Making the kill boards (top 200)                 

X.O. Fighter Wing Lt. Gen. SixK1


             European arena                                Outstanding buff gunner                    Making the kill boards (top 200)              Second highest points bomber / fighter

Third highest points bomber / fighter                     Top Gun                                       Highest fighter points

 Lt. General BigEz

Six months in the squad          

          European theater                          Outstanding bomber                Second highest bomber points                
 X2 X2

        Outstanding paratrooper                  Outstanding buff gunner         Making the kill boards                  

 Lt. General R38

2 Million or more points in a campaign                                      Distinguished Service Medal        

European theater                           Second highest  bomber points                       Pork Warrior                  

               Outstanding bomber                      Outstanding paratrooper                    Third highest bomber/fighter points            Making the kill boards           

 Lt. Gen.  Mayo*


       European theater          Drinking most beer and still able to land          Outstanding buff gunner          Making the kill boards   

 Lt. Gen.  OldFart  (formerly Doc= aka the Energizer Bunny)

          Six months in the squad              Three consecutive months on kill boards           Distinguished service medal                    
              European theater                      Third highest  fighter/bomber points              Highest fighter points                                    Making the kill boards                
                 X5,    X6, 

          Field defense / cap base                 Outstanding wingman        Doomed from the start of deployment      Outstanding paratrooper                   

         Blood stripe (over 100 kills)     Second highest  fighter/bomber points         Pork warrior                           Outstanding valor                           
Top gun

 Lt. Gen.  Msgt

       Six months in the squad                      

           European theatre                   Third highest points fighter / bomber                         Making the kill boards                   Outstanding bomber                   
       X2,             X2,

     Field defense / cap bases                   Outstanding wingman                      Doomed from the start of deployment          Outstanding Buff gunner          

Outstanding valor       

Lt. Gen. LABB

Commendation Sept. 2001 campaign

Three Consecutive months on the kill boards   

         Outstanding wingman             Doomed from the start of deployment               European theatre               

           Third highest points fighter / bomber       Making the kill boards                 Outstanding bomber                                
X2,    X2,     X2 

                  Bloodstripe -- over 100 kills           Outstanding paratrooper           Outstanding Buff gunner              

Lt. Gen. DFAF4

Six months in the squad 

European theatre                          Outstanding buff gunner          Second highest fighter / bomber points                   Making the kill boards        

                                    Outstanding wingman                          Outstanding bomber              Doomed from the start of deployment                     

Lt. Gen. HiLo

European theatre                                   Outstanding wingman                            Outstanding bomber                               Making the kill boards        

Major General Buto


Six months in the squad              One Million total points in a capaign          Three Consecutive months on the kill boards
          European theatre                          Outstanding buff gunner          Second highest fighter / bomber points                   Outstanding bomber        
      X3,    X2, 

Doomed from the start of deployment                   Highest bomber points                  

 Brig. Gen.  @BAD

Six months in the squad 

European theatre                          Highest fighter / bomber points                  Making the kill boards                    Outstanding bomber       

     Field defense / cap bases               Outstanding wingman                     Doomed from the start of deployment                    Outstanding buff gunner       

Colonel Titan


      European arena                                Outstanding buff gunner                      Making the kill boards (top 200)       

Colonel RamAir

Colonel RamAir joined in AcesHigh January 2002

Colonel Nuch 

Colonel RamAir joined in AcesHigh January 2002

Colonel Dlitz

                 European arena                      Outstanding buff gunner                     Outstanding wingman                        Making the kill boards (top 200) 

Colonel Wax 

Colonel Wax joined in AcesHigh February 2002

Lt. Col. KHAOS


      European arena                            Outstanding buff gunner                Outstanding wingman                         Blood Stripes -- over 100 kills

Lt. Col. CBR


European arena                                            Outstanding buff gunner                        Outstanding wingman                


             Blood stripe -- over 100 kills                   Doomed from the start of deployment

Lt. Col.  Hondo

Commendation Sept. 2001 campaign

         European arena                            Outstanding wingman                  Second highest points bomber / fighter                 Making the kill boards (top 200)
Third highest points bomber / fighter              Outstanding buff gunner

Lt. Col.   Noles

European theatre                          Outstanding buff gunner              Second highest points bomber / fighter           Outstanding bomber       
    X3,    X2,        

                  Third highest points bomber / fighter           Making the kill boards (top 200)

Major XUES (formerly Axer)


                     European arena                                       Outstanding buff gunner                        

Major Singe


         European arena                                            Making the kill boards 

Major Gunnz


European arena                               Making the kill boards                      Outstanding buff gunner
    X3,   X2

Major  Canis


            European arena                                   Making the kill boards                     

Major LEO-1


          European arena            Making the kill boards    

Captain Ack!


European arena                      

1st Lt. Heremes (formerly Coner)


         European arena                               

1st Lt. Comba 

1st Lt. EZ-1

Commendation Sept. 2001 campaign 

                European arena                     Making the kill boards    

2nd Lt. Climer

Colonel RamAir joined in AcesHigh January 2002